Our team of hotshot trucking experts provides you with cost effective transport solutions when you need to move a load quickly yet efficiently.  



With less than truckload services from Mstar Global Transportation Services, Inc., you can experience the same security and efficient service, at a price that suits your budget and shipment size.

Local Trucking and Delivery

If you’re a business owner in the Atlanta area in need of less than truckload (LTL) shipping services, look no further than our qualified staff.

Transportation and Logistics

Mstar Global Transportation Services, Inc. is committed to excellence in offering comprehensive and qualified logistics management.

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Atlanta Freight Management Experts

Mstar Global Transportation Services, Inc.’s team of freight trucking management experts are available to recommend cost effective solutions that can help you meet any transport objective. Offering a complete range of flatbed transport services, our reliable fleet can accommodate a full spectrum of transport requirements including tandem and multi-axle hauls as well as over-dimensional loads.

What is Freight Trucking? 


You know exactly what freight trucking is. Maybe you are unsure of the term, but it is likely that you’ve used these services before or know someone who has. Did you know that freight trucking is just a simplified version of the term: specialized equipment not required. Similar to LTL another abbreviated connotation that correlates to: less than truckload. Freight trucking is an informal type of transport; one that requires very little aid. 

This means that the trucks can handle a variety of loads and haul it near or far, and easily without the use of technology or other complicated tools. Freight is primarily used by local and long distance businesses who need to move merchandise. More often than not, the goods and commodities are usually transferred to a box and strapped onto a secure pallet for stable transportation. 

This is a moving system most people are familiar with. It is often used for shipping and relocating imports or exports and large scale or delicate pieces; like furniture, machinery and other valuables. Mstar Global Transportation Services, Inc. employees are expertly trained in this process so that you won’t have to worry about possible damages or inconsistent arrival and departure times.





"We had a large load of inventory that we needed to be moved across town fast. We were nervous that we were going to miss a deadline, but Mstar Global took care of us with their Hot Shot Trucking service and we were able to stay on schedule."

- Mark Thompson, Dallas

"We needed to have some cargo transported to a different state but it wasn't enough to fill a whole truckload. We thought we were going to have to pay for a full truck until we found out that Mstar Global offers Less Than Truckload shipping. Our cargo was delivered on time and it costed us way less than we expected!"

- James Boswell, Atlanta

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